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Wow, long time no see my dear, dear Blog… I missed you so much! Honestly, I have no real excuse for not writing, so I’m not gonna explain myself. I’m just glad to be back.

This time I’m going to talk about one of my recent experiences that wasn’t as much of a challenge, but more like an adventure. So let’s talk about hiking!

What exactly is hiking?

As my friend Google tells me, hike is a walk for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods. Yeah, I would say pretty much the same thing. But to me hiking is more than just walking – it’s a challenging walking! I don’t have much of experience in hiking, but every time I did it, it has been a challenge (more or less). Given the fact that I have been pretty lazy this summer, it was “more” for me. When I thought I was dying, I told myself: “Come on, Alice…Frodo did it! And so can you!”

Why hiking is good for you?

Oh, come on, you already know that! A healthy body is a happy body, and one of the best ways to stay healthy is to get plenty of exercise. Hiking is an excellent (and cheap!) way to stay healthy and fit. Besides that, it gives you the chance to be in peace and to enjoy the nature. So there are not much reasons why not to hike. Of course, if your health allows you to do it. Just start slowly and keep going in your comfortable pace. Benefits of hiking:

  •  Burns calories
  •  Increases your energy level
  •  Helps to prevent and control diabetes
  •  Elevates your mood
  •  Lowers your cancer risk
  •  Provides you with daily dose of vitamin D

What to wear and pack?

It highly depends on your location, the weather and how long you want to hike, but besides that it’s simple. If you are beginner, don’t exaggerate with too many clothing, oversized backpacks and food. Assuming that your hike will take less than a day, you probably won’t need a tent and extra change of clothes. So what to wear and bring along:

  • Footwear. Wear any footwear you feel comfortable in. They can be hiking boots or sneakers – it’s up to you.
  • Pants. Wear anything that is lightweight and comfortable. If it’s going to be cold, shorts might keep you shivering.   If it’s going to be hot, pants might get too uncomfortable. So it depends on the environment. Oh, a friendly advice – don’t wear jeans. Goofy lightweight pants are better.
  • Shirt and jacket. Simple t-shirt will be just fine, if the weather is warm. In any case grab a lightweight jacket, because up in the mountains it’s always colder and windier.
  • Hat. Hat will always come in handy. If it is hot and sunny, it will protect you from sunstroke. If it’s cold, you know why you need a hat.
  • Food, water & other stuff. First you need a backpack to put your stuff in. Pack a fully charged phone, a map, a compass, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid, pocket knife, bottle of water (liter or two), FOOD – nuts, bread, something to put on the bread (peanut butter or cream cheese), sliced meat, protein bar, some fruit. Or anything else you want to.

Few words about my hike

My last hike was in Georgia, Stepantsminda (elevation above sea level – 1,740 m). Stepantsminda is a small town located in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia. Our (I was with my friends) goal was to hike up to Gergety Trinity Church (elevation above sea level – 2170 m), which was about six point something kilometers from the town center. So generally it was about 13km long hike.


We started our hike at about 10 o’clock in the morning. It was a beautiful cool morning that turned into a very hot day. Even at higher altitude it was hot. I’m not gonna lie – it was a bit challenging because of the weather and the fact that I haven’t done my exercises enough. But I enjoyed it soo much – the sceneries were absolutely breathtaking and the air was so fresh! That hike was a natural mood elevator. See? I’m flying!!! (In the background Mount Kazbek).


If this still sounds boring to you, try Mount Kazbek. Adventures (dangerous though) guaranteed! Mount Kazbek is the third highest mountain in Georgia and the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains with elevation 5047 m. The peek seemed so close from the Gergety Trinity Church, but, of course, it’s not. Georgians said that we were lucky with the weather – in our hiking day the sky was clear and the peek could be seen in all its glory. Usually it’s wrapped in clouds waiting for the next crazy climber.

In conclusion I just want to say that I’m thankful to all the coincidences that lead me there. It would be awesome to come back! P.S. Georgians are the best hosts!

See you soon. Enjoy your hike! :)

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