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Vāciņš Running In Winter

Tired of exercising only at home or gym?

Yeah, me too. So why don’t you try running? Oh, wait..It’s winter outside. But since we live in 21st century, nothing can be an excuse to not do it. Stores are full of stuff that running in winter can make enjoyable as ever.

One of the most important things is to make sure that all your layers are transporting moisture away from the skin. If you wear a cotton top as a base layer you will almost certainly get cold, even if you have a good thermal top and a wind-resistant jacket on. During the run your cotton top absorbs any moisture and you end up with a cold and damp layer next to your skin.

Winter running essentials

  • Base layer. The key to staying warm during chilly runs is layering, and the most important layer is the one directly touching your skin. A long sleeved thermal top which wicks moisture away is indispensable for winter running. You will stay warm, dry and cozy.
  • Mid layer. You can wear a turtleneck to protect your neck and trap body heat from escaping. It will keep you cool and dry between your base and jacket. A thermal top will keep you warm, but it doesn’t block the wind, so you need a running jacket to stop the wind going straight through your thermal. Your middle layer should insulate while still allowing moisture to escape.
  • Outer layer. When running outside for long periods of time you may need an outer layer – lightweight, windproof and water-resistant.
  • Tights or tracksters (men’s). A pair of tights is a must-have item in your running wardrobe. Because you want a compression layer that can easily wick away sweat. Something baggy will slow you down and cotton will collect moisture, not repel it.
  • Footwear. For a winter running you need two things – enough traction so you won’t slip on icy surfaces, and fabric that is extra water resistant.
  • Running socks. Running in the right socks can make a notable difference in your winter workout. You want socks that are moisture-wicking, thick and warm enough, but that aren’t too bulky.
  • Hat and gloves. Running hats and gloves generally need to be quite lightweight, but on cold days you can wear any hat and gloves that you have. If you don’t like to wear a hat, but it’s too cold to not wear anything, then a headband could be the answer.
  • Be seen = be safe! Stick to well-lit areas and avoid running anywhere you don’t feel completely safe. Most good running brands make clothes that feature reflective strips. If your running clothes don’t have such features, put on a reflector when you go out.

Maybe after reading this article you have a feeling that running in the winter is for privileged ones (because of all the stuff you have to buy).

Yes, brand new equipment can be pricey, but there are always ways to get the winter sportswear cheaper. You can buy new sporting goods really cheap when the season is over. Not to mention infinite options and sales on the internet.

Are you ready now for a run in a fresh winter air? I am! And I can almost guarantee that you will clear your mind and feel amazing afterwards. Let’s go! ;)

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